Expert coaching to help you sell more private tours

With over 10 years of marketing and sales experience, I have designed this program to help tour operators create a streamlined process for selling private tours. This weekly video series will help you implement new strategies to increase the number of private tour inquiries you receive and the number of deals you close.

Begin to implement these methods as you book holiday events and have me available to talk through any questions you have. By the time you complete the course I want you to:

  • Have a new process in place to easily send and track incredible proposals
  • Use persuasive copy on your website to sell more private tours
  • Find new ways to market to corporations, bachelor(ette) parties, and birthdays

6-Week Coaching Program

Live video lessons every week, marketing templates, your accountability group, and! An in-depth, one-on-one meeting with Joe to review the new private tour proposal you’re going to create during the program. This expert review of images, content, grammar, and offerings will make sure you’re ready for an amazing 2020 season.

Coaching starts Monday, November 4th for $599.

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While you offer private tours, you may not have a professional sales process in place

You know you could be doing more to push private tours, but you still have public tours to worry about. Maybe you’re sending leads an email with details, or a quick PDF you put together. The problem with this is perceived value. When you’re selling a service for $1,000+, we need to make sure it looks and feels like a service that’s worth a $1,000+.

Perceived value is your guest’s opinion of your tour’s value to him or her. It’s not about the “market price”, but more-so your ability to satisfy their needs or requirements. Perhaps they need to plan a fun night out for their sales team — we don’t need to tell them every stop on the tour, we just need to tell them why it’s going to be an amazing night for their sales team.

When you can clearly communicate why your experience will meet their needs or requirements, they are more likely to book your experience.

So, let's work together!

We'll meet on video chat at 11am CST every Wednesday. Each class is a combination of lessons and answering your questions. All sessions will be recorded and available online if you are unable to attend. Office hours are 1hr video chat times to bring any questions you have.

Week 1: Identifying your target guest

Your private tour guest may be different from your public tour guest. We’ll go through the process of defining this guest and look to define their specific needs.

  • Build your ideal private tour guest
  • Know how to win them over
  • Find new ways to add value

Week 2: What to write on your website

The private tour/corporate events page of your website is a sales page. We need to make sure it acts like a sales page and says the right things.

  • Use landing pages
  • Write persuasive copy
  • Map the customer journey

Week 3: Defining your sales process

Optimizing your sales process can help you stop chasing down bad leads, nurture the good ones, and still try to win the ones who said, “no”.

  • Implement sales tactics
  • Know what questions to ask on the phone
  • Qualify leads

Week 4: Creating your new proposal

This week will provide you with the tools and templates you need to create a professional looking proposal to start closing those big accounts.

  • Set up an online proposal system
  • Know what to include on every page of your proposal
  • Increase your prices

Week 5: Finding new opportunities

Now that you have updated your website content and defined your sales process, it’s time to start bringing in new leads.

  • Utilize LinkedIn
  • Leverage affiliates
  • Use offline tactics

Week 6: Nurturing past guests

Let’s plan for future opportunities by staying in contact with private tour guests to remind them why they should book again. This can help increase the number of referrals you receive.

  • Segment your mailing list
  • Provide value
  • Build community

You also get:

  • Email newsletter campaign template
  • Discovery phone call template
  • 6-week cycle book for organizing your tasks
  • Private tour guest survey questions
  • Office hours video meetings
  • Private tours sales packet example
  • Unlimited email access for any questions you have

You'll also be placed into an accountability group

You'll be paired with similar sized tour operators to meet on video chat. This will depend on availability, with group sizes ranging from 3-5 people.

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The next cycle begins Mon, Nov 4th and ends on Fri, Dec 20th.


This is for you if you want more personalized support.

  • Participate in live classes
  • Ask questions specific to your business
  • Attend office hours
  • Have a one-on-one proposal review
  • Access all templates
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This is for you if you want to get the information and do it yourself.

  • Receive weekly recordings
  • Access all templates
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"I really enjoyed your class and what it has done for me. I have almost every Thursday between now and December filled with private tours. I have booked 3 huge tours [and] several small private tours."
- Debra Smith, Owner of Taste of Thomasville

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can we get done in 6 weeks?

A lot! One of the great things about 6-week cycles is the ability to move at a pace that works with your availability.

Are you an expert in all things sales and marketing?

I am not. BUT! If there is something I don't know, I will use my resources to find out.

How much time is needed?

Approximately 3hrs per week. There will also be some homework that could take a couple hours some weeks.

What if I fall behind?

Even once we complete the group coaching, you'll still have access to all recordings and templates to work through when you have time.

Is this program for all stages of business owners?

It is. The items we'll be covering are core to all levels as it focuses on foundational sales and marketing principles.

Don't wait for "next time"

These courses are only being offered one cycle at a time. There is no guarantee that future Masterclasses will be offered with the same focus on productivity and marketing at the current price.

6-Week Group Coaching Program

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About Your Coach

Joe has spent the last 9 years working with food tours around the world. As the creator of EzSites, a pre-packaged website specifically for food tours, he has helped advance the industry by creating new tools that help tour operators market their business more successfully. Previously the Director of Product for EzTix Event Ticketing, he now works directly with food tour operators around the world.

Joe is a TedX Speaker and the author of 6-Week Cycles, a corporate culture & productivity book. He is an active voice in Chicago serving as a judge for Google Startup Weekend events, mentoring undergraduate students through DePaul University's entrepreneurship program, and the founder of The Entrepreneur's Workshop — a monthly educational & networking resource for Chicago entrepreneurs. His agency, Martin Creative, has worked on projects for McDonald’s, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch and more. Joe is an international speaker and has given several presentations at the Global Food Tourism Conference throughout the years.

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