Expert coaching to improve your marketing and productivity

As the author of 6-Week Cycles, I have designed this program to help tour operators with time management and marketing. Through a weekly video series I believe I can help you implement new marketing strategies that will increase your ticket sales this year and the next. I want you to:

  • Sell more tickets through your website instead of relying on TripAdvisor
  • Implement methods that have shown a 40% increase in revenue for other tours
  • Learn to do all this and still have time for yourself

6-Week Marketing Masterclass

Includes live video lessons every week, 7 marketing templates, your accountability group, and a digital copy of the 6-Week Cycles book. Starts Monday, November 4th for $549.

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There are so many ways to "market" your tour

You’ve created an amazing experience for your guests, but not enough people know about it. You’re confused about where to spend your time. Between social media, emailing, writing blogs, paying an SEO company — there are so many different things you could  be doing. But even once you choose an area to work on, how do you know it’s having an impact?

There are more than enough shared resources online, but it would be amazing to know exactly what to do for your  tour. Would you sell more tickets if you had someone to review your task list, ensure you are being productive, and help you find the areas which will have the biggest impact? Whether that’s helping to increase visibility online, getting more corporate events, or even just understanding where to find new guests.

So, let's work together!

Over the course of six weeks, we'll meet on video chat at 11am CST every Wednesday. Each class is a combination of teaching lessons and answering your questions. All sessions will be recorded and available online if you are unable to attend. Office hours are 1hr video chat times that do not have an agenda. They will be available as Q&A time to answer any questions you might have.

Week 1: Time Management

Learn to use Joe's 6-week cycle system. Plan your tasks and time available each week using his unique setup.

  • Using 6-week cycles
  • Organizing your tasks
  • Planning your days

Week 2: Sales Psychology

People don’t buy your tour because it logically makes sense - they buy based on emotion. This week we’ll look at some of the ways to use emotion to help sell more tickets.

  • Defining your ideal guest
  • Writing for objections
  • Creating effective blogs

Week 3: Website Content

What you say on your site is more important than how it looks. During this week we’ll examine site content. You’ll also learn the 2 words to change on your site that could show a 20% increase in revenue.

  • Implementing sales tactics
  • Capturing more leads
  • Introduction to A/B testing

Week 4: Private Tours

We’ll look at a private tour sales process and find ways to adjust your sales process. We’ll discuss the use of landing pages and online systems to make it easier on you.

  • Refining your sales process
  • Infusing emotional motivators
  • Exploring the customer journey

Week 5: Email Marketing

From system emails to lead magnets to your monthly newsletter. You’ll get my templates for planning newsletter campaigns, what to write in confirmation emails, and a guideline for creating a website lead magnet.

  • Examining automated emails
  • Running campaigns
  • Offering promotions

Week 6: SEO & Online Advertising

Now that we’ve improved your website to sell more tickets, refined your private tour process, and created effective email campaigns — we’re ready to drive more traffic to your site. If we drive traffic before addressing those items you could be wasting a lot of money.

  • Understanding cost of acquisition
  • Finding ways to generate more traffic
  • Using Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads

You also get:

  • Email newsletter campaign template
  • 6-week cycle system for organizing your tasks
  • Guest survey questions template
  • Office hours video meetings
  • Private tours sales packet example
  • 3 quick-to-assemble blog writing templates
  • Unlimited email access for any questions you have

You'll also be placed into an accountability group

You'll be paired with other tour operators to meet on video chat. Groups will consist of 3-5 people to help you further implement the items covered in the masterclass.

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The next cycle begins Mon, Nov 4th and ends on Fri, Dec 20th.

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"Joe's been connected to the industry for almost a decade. He truly cares about Food Tour operators and understands their pain points. He'll help you get out of your own way!"
- Shane Kost, Owner of Chicago Food Planet

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can we get done in 6 weeks?

A lot! One of the great things about 6-week cycles is the ability to move at a pace that works with your availability.

We’re in the middle of my busiest season, shouldn’t I wait?

Absolutely not! Now is the best time. We're not rebuilding your marketing, we're improving what you already have. And if we can start improving now, we can increase the number of tickets you sell today.

Are you an expert in all things marketing?

I am not. BUT! If there is something I don't know, I will use my resources to find out.

How much time is needed?

1hr per week to attend the live video chat, or to watch the video recap. There will also be some homework that could take a couple hours some weeks. However, I'm also going to encourage you every week make time to plan for the week using the 6-Week Cycles system.

What if I'm not available during the video chats?

You'll get video replays of any session, I'll also be offering office hours. Office hours are 1hr chunks of time that will allow us to connect and answer any questions you have. These times will be variable based on the location of attendees. If you're not in North or South America, I will do my best to allow for office hours that work with your timezone.

What if I fall behind?

Even once we complete the six weeks, you'll still have access to all recordings and templates to work through when you have time.

Is this program for all stages of business owners?

It is. The items we'll be covering are core to all levels as it focuses on task/priority management and foundational marketing principles.

Strategy + Planning + Execution

I combined productivity techniques with marketing, sales, and user experience. Getting a strategy in place is a small part of the work. Knowing what to work on and following up to make sure it was completed is how we make the most out of our time together.

Over the six weeks you’ll acquire stronger skills in time management using a framework I developed with my team over the last 3 years. It’s the same framework from my book, 6-Week Cycles, centered around a stronger work/life balance through planning, visualization, and results-oriented goal setting.

Don't wait for "next time"

These courses are only being offered one cycle at a time. There is no guarantee that future Masterclasses will be offered with the same focus on productivity and marketing at the current price.

6-Week Marketing Masterclass

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About Your Coach

Joe has spent the last 9 years working with food tours around the world. As the creator of EzSites, a pre-packaged website specifically for food tours, he has helped advance the industry by creating new tools that help tour operators market their business more successfully. Previously the Director of Product for EzTix Event Ticketing, he now works directly with food tour operators around the world.

Joe is a TedX Speaker and the author of 6-Week Cycles, a corporate culture & productivity book. He is an active voice in Chicago serving as a judge for Google Startup Weekend events, mentoring undergraduate students through DePaul University's entrepreneurship program, and the founder of The Entrepreneur's Workshop — a monthly educational & networking resource for Chicago entrepreneurs. His agency, Martin Creative, has worked on projects for McDonald’s, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch and more. Joe is an international speaker and has given several presentations at the Global Food Tourism Conference throughout the years.

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