Generate More Leads Through Instagram

Are you ready to get more eyeballs on your tour?

You can get expert help creating fast, efficient exposure on your Instagram account to reach new prospects and get them to proclaim “Where do I sign up?!?” Begin to implement these strategies and watch your followers grow and your bookings scale.

By the time you complete the course I want you to:

  • Have a beautiful, updated Instagram account that appeals to your ideal client
  • Use compelling captions and hashtags to increase your exposure to new audiences
  • Utilize new marketing techniques to increase booking inquiries and repeat business.

6-Week Masterclass

You get recorded video modules delivered every week, worksheets and templates to assist your progress, and weekly group coaching calls to get live feedback, insights, and collaboration. Participants also receive an in-depth, one-on-one meeting with Sani to review your account and create a strategic marketing plan to optimize lead generation using Instagram.

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While you have an Instagram account, you may not have a strategic process in place to drive leads

You know that small changes could improve your lead generation from Instagram, but you still have to RUN your business while you work ON your business. Maybe your profile link sends leads to your website. But maybe your profile doesn't say enough - whether in your bio or your feed - to give anyone incentive or desire to click your link.

This Masterclass will guide you through a new process that helps you optimize your Instagram profile to increase visibility and generate high-quality leads.

So, let's work together!

Each module includes an instruction video and an accompanying worksheet delivered to your inbox every Monday. Every Thursday at 2pm Central, you can join a live group coaching call where we can review the current module and answer your questions.

All sessions will be recorded and available online if you are unable to attend. Participants get unlimited email access to Sani throughout the program, so send over every question you have after watching the videos. See the full coaching schedule here.

Week 1: Foundations for Instagram success

  • Outline your ideal tour guest persona
  • Know how to win them over
  • Understand the platform setting and metrics to track success

Week 2: Building an enticing profile

  • Beef up your bio
  • Increase your “link” capacity
  • Showcase your branding

Week 3: Feed your leads with photos

  • Optimize your grid
  • Basic photo editing anyone can do
  • Level up with video

Week 4: Killer captions and hashtags

  • Generate engagement with interesting captions
  • Increase visibility using hashtag research
  • Build community with branded hashtags

Week 5: The power of stories and highlights

  • Showcase trending ideas and events
  • Gather client research
  • Let highlights do the selling

Week 6: Putting everything into action

  • Learn strategy options for lead gen, nurturing, expansion
  • Understand “post styles” and their purpose
  • Utilize contests and paid traffic

You also get:

  • A 30-day Instagram content idea calendar
  • Instagram "Post Styles" template packet
  • Live one-hour group coaching calls each week with Sani
  • Unlimited email access for any questions you have

You'll also be paired with another tour operator

Having a colleague to support you throughout the course will help you implement these new methods. These optional, weekly video chats will be an opportunity to work together on building your business.

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This is for you if you want more personalized support.

  • Receive weekly module videos
  • Participate in live group coaching calls
  • Unlimited email access
  • Have a one-on-one Instagram Profile review
  • Assigned course partner
  • Access all worksheets and templates
Pay $399


This is for you if you want to get the information and do it yourself.

  • Receive weekly module videos
  • Access all worksheets and templates
Pay $199

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"I got A LOT out of food tour marketing masterclasses. It was extraordinarily valuable!"
- Midgi Moore, Owner of Juneau Food Tours


Frequently Asked Questions

How much can we get done in 6 weeks?

A lot! One of the great things about 6-week cycles is the ability to move at a pace that works with your availability.

Are you an expert in all things sales and marketing?

I am not. BUT! If there is something I don't know, I will use my resources to find out.

How much time is needed?

Approximately 3hrs per week. There will also be some homework that could take a couple hours some weeks.

What if I fall behind?

Even once we complete the group coaching, you'll still have access to all recordings and templates to work through when you have time.

Is this program for all stages of business owners?

It is. The items we'll be covering are core to all levels as it focuses on foundational sales and marketing principles.

Don't wait for "next time"

These courses are only being offered one cycle at a time. There is no guarantee that future Masterclasses will be offered with the same focus on social media at the current price.

6-Week Instagram Masterclass

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About Your Instructor

Sani (pronounced "Sunny") is a word nerd and passionate about connections.

Her mission is to help you build a relationship with your ideal person, faster, deeper, and stronger in order to get that person to choose YOU over all other options. She does this through the power of persuasive messaging.

She has worked in the marketing sphere for more than 10 years with five years specializing in digital marketing and sales funnels. Her business, Sani Nielsen Consulting, has worked with powerhouse marketing icons like Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer and Jay Abraham of The Abraham Group. Through these clients, her business has collaborated on projects with other notable names like Chris and Heidi Powell, Frank Kern, Daymond John, and Tony Robbins.

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